Guaranteed reading with intelligence

Guaranteed reading with intelligence
Guaranteed reading with intelligence

Submitting Books For Review & Promotion by Raymond Mathiesen

Raymond Mathiesen & Simba (a long term team) - 2012

I am currently only accepting books for packaged review and promotion.  I am not accepting books for review alone.

I do not promise a completely positive review; however, I only accept for perusal those books I am likely to enjoy.

Due to high demand I am currently booked until June 2, 2015.  After that my personal circumstances will change, and as a result, I will be taking an extended break from reviewing books.  I therefore will not be accepting books for review until further notice.

Terms Of Business
The Standard Package review and promotion costs $65.50 (AUD).  (Please note that there is a currency converter in the right hand sidebar.)  As per normal reviewing arrangements your book is sent to me gratis (hard copy, AZW, MOBI, PDF, EPUB, TXT, WORD).  Ebooks (delivered by email) are preferred as I live in Australia and books take 2 to 6 weeks to reach me from overseas.  The review is free, but I charge $65.50 (AUD) for promoting your book.  My review is posted to this blog, Amazon & whatever sale sites that carry your book, plus other promotion sites.  I know of over 300 different sites that a review can be displayed on.  I can guarantee promotion of your book on at least 500 sites reaching a potential audience of over 1,434,000 people.  Of those people over 630,000 are specifically book readers (not just anyone).  When possible, and where appropriate, I target EXTRA people who specifically like your genre.  When the promotion work is done I will provide you with a list of links to the sites where your book was promoted, including highlighted details of the genre promotions.

An Express Package review and promotion costs $105.50 (AUD).  It is the same as the Standard Package except that you go to the top of the waiting list (behind other Express authors) and can expect to have a review and promotion within 10 weeks from commencement.  I very often have a waiting list of authors wanting the Standard Package, so the Express Package ensure a much faster response.

Keep in mind that Kirkus Indie Review charges $425 for a review done in 7 weeks and $575 for one done in 4 weeks, and it is only published on one site.

A Blurb Promotion Package costs $45.50 (AUD).  The author provides me with a brief blurb of the book, consisting of two short paragraphs.  The first paragraph consists of three or four sentence which describes the books contents.  The second paragraph, also being three or four sentences long, provides relevant information about the author: your interests and qualifications, your biography, and other books you have written.  The information on your back cover probably provides a good basis for your blurb.  This promotion is like the two Packages above, but does not include the sites where only a full review can be posted.  The Blurb Promo Package includes a guaranteed 500 sites, reaching more than 1,434,000 people.  Over 630,000 of those people are guaranteed book readers (not just anyone).  When possible, and where appropriate, EXTRA genre readers will be targeted.  This Package takes 3 weeks to be completed.  When the promotion work is done I will provide you with a list of links to the sites where your book was promoted, including highlighted details of the genre promotions.

Book Review & Promo to over 359,000 readers

Advertising On This Blog

Blog Advertising costs $5.50 (AUD) per week.  Raymond Mathiesen Book Reviews gets an average of 30 page views per day, so that works out to just $0.03 per view.  If you request it I will send you screen shots of our blog statistics, which show exact numbers (weekly high and weekly low) on a graph, plus the date.  You can book advertising in weekly blocks for as long as you want.  I will bill you by Paypal invoice for the agreed period.  You will need to send me a .JPG image of your advertisement, or a Word document (if you want a simple text advertisement).  Advertisements with color images usually sell better.  Please contact me by email (click the address below) to begin arrangements for your advertisenment.


Please feel free to email me to request a review or ask further questions.  My address is:

My Tastes
I am interested in any fiction depicting 'real life' because it makes me think about what I do and how I live.

I particularly like teenage fiction as I am interested in the 'turning of age' experience.

I am also particularly interested in gay literature: both 'turning of age' stories and those centered around adults.

For a complete change of perspective my little home library also has some science fiction, fantasy and horror in it. I like those kinds of fiction because they help me escape from the hard rigors of life for a while, and also they encourage a little heroism in me (a trait I sadly lack).

I also enjoy crime/spy/mystery novels to add a bit of excitement and intrigue to a quite life.

I studied ancient history in high school and modern history at university, and occasionally I dip into a historical novel.  I am particularly fascinated by places like Stonehenge.

When I am feeling lonely I also occasionally leaf through a romance and I have no fear whatever of erotica: the sexier the better.

For non-fiction I love serious psychology and also a little philosophy, Eastern religion and politics.

I have a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in literature (James Cook University of North Queensland).  In that degree I obtained minors in psychology, modern history and economics.

I also have a Graduate Diploma of Library Science in which my studies included management and communications (Queensland University of Queensland).

My Amazon Profile page can be found at:

Raymond Mathiesen's Amazon Profile Page

The above Profile shows that 87% of users found my reviews useful, & that I am currently among the top 23,000 reviewers.

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